System 1


We decided to keep it tight and not exaggerate with too many Blonding Lightenrs…

Just the high performance essentials.

All Blonding products are formulated with 4D Super-Plex Compounds.


White Lightening Plex-Powder, 10 Levels Plus Lift, 500gr

Non-volatile white powder for hair lightening enriched with 4D PowerPlex (ß-D- Fructose and Maltose oligosaccharides) for maximum protection. 

Achieves supreme lightening while maintaining the hair’s natural shine and integrity. 

Suitable to use with all techniques. 

blonde inside

White Lightening Plex-Cream, 7-8 Levels Lift, 400ml, 13.5fl.oz

A professional white cream lightener for hair, enriched with PowerPlex and protective essential extracts and mineral oils that delicately lightens up to 7-8 levels while protecting the hair and scalp. 

Ideal for on- and off-scalp application.

blonde squad

Brightening Oil, 4-6 Levels Lift, 400ml, 500ml 16.9fl.oz

A professional oil hair lightener for soft natural highlights, enriched with PowerPlex and protective essential extracts and mineral oils that delicately lightens up to 4-6 levels while protecting the hair and scalp.

Ideal for on- and off-scalp application.

System 2


Try Our Super Exclusive Blue & Violet Pigment Additives For Oxidative Lighteners, Colors & Developers.

There Are No Limits To The Cool-Cold Color Effects You Can Achieve With These Additives… Experiment, Be Creative And Share Your Discoveries With US.



Special Pigment Additive 80 Grams

This blue-Violet intensifier is created to be mixed with bleaching powders, bleaching creams, bleaching oils or oxidation colors (dyes) when you want to neutralize unwanted yellow-orange reflections and intensify cold ash-blue colors to obtain cool-neutral blondes.



Special color pigment additive to neutralize yellow and brassy tones during hair-lightening and hair-coloring.

Additive for hydrogen peroxide developers to increase the neutral cold tones.

Beat the brass violet-blue catalyzer is to be mixed with hair color developers 10, 20, 30, & 40vol when you wish to neutralize unwanted yellow and brassy warm tones.

System 3


Blonding Pigments 80gr

7 nuances


Additive Pigments For Hair Decolorations & Lightening To Increase The Cold Tones Or Modify The Hair Color While Lightening.

PSYCHEDELIC PIGMENT INTENSIFIERS are to be mixed with hair-lightening bleach powders, hair-bleaching creams or oxidation colors tints/dyes when you wish to influence the color-hue of the hair lightening-blonding results. Our psychedelic blonging pigments takes our additive concept to the next level by offering an assortment of color shades created to be added to oxidative bleaches & lighteners for creating unlimited variegated hue & opalized-marbleized chromatic color effects. Depending on the type of technical application the colorist can create multi-chromatic lightening effects all in one hair lightening application.

System 4


Ultra-Lightening Power Colors 100ml 3.4fl.oz

13 nuances


To Create And Retain Long Lasting Multi Dimensional Rich And Luminous Blonde Colors It Is Important To Stratify Coloration Overlaying…

Ok! After Lightening Your Hair Up To Levels 8-9, Now It’s Time To Add Color And Lighten Your Hair Even Further Up To Levels 10-11-12…

Here We Have Thought Of Practically Everything…

If You Can’t Find The Premixed High-Performance Super-Lightening Color Shade You Need, You Can Create It By Mixing Colors Together Or By Pastelizing With T-Juice’s Pastelizers Or Shaders! 

This powerful ultra-blonding hair coloring cream was created to rapidly lighten and deposit rich pigmentation deep into the hair’s structure. Can lighten hair up to 3-5 levels. Mixing Ratio: For Brightening and tonning: 1:2 – 1:3 with 3VOL, 10VOL, 20VOL, For high-lift: 1:2 – 1:3 with T-Juice Transformers, 30VOL, 40Vol.

System 5


Super Lightener Power Color 100ml 3.4fl.oz 

17 Nuances

Legally Blonde: The Philosophy Of Being Blonde 

Blonding Is All About Being Luminous & Outstanding… Preserving The Bright Look And Bold Spirit That Defines All Types Of Blondes.

We Start To Consider Some One With Level 6 Toned Hair As Being Dark Blonde, Fvxkin Amazin System 5 Is All About Creating Pure Rich Intense Dark And Medium Color Shades That Would Normally Be Impossible To Achive.

This Intense oxidation hair coloring cream was created to rapidly deposit rich pigmentation deep into the hair’s structure. Mixing Ratio: Intenstive pigmentation 1:1, medium pigmentation 1:1/2, soft pigmentation 1:2 mixing ratio with T-Juice Transformers; Modulator (color toning), 10VOL, 20VOL, 30VOL, 40Vol.

System 6


Gloss-n-Tone 100ml 3.38fl.oz. (Acidic Activated Toners) 

10 Nuances

Koolaid is an acidic demi-permanent hair color toner that can help enhance your hair’s natural shine while correcting and revitalizing the tone and hue of your hair color. 

Pastelizing Toners Ideal For Porous And Sensitized Hair Dedicated To Creating Gossamer Velvety Pastel Effects Thanks To A Delicate Acidic Ammonia-Free Formula To Obtain Softer Color Smoothing And Blending In A Totally Delicate And Safe Process For The Bellessere Of Chemically Treated Hair.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mixing ratio is 1:1 with T-Juice Modulator or T-Juice Chill-Out 10Vol 3%. Processing time from 5’ to 20’ Minutes. FOR RESISTANT HAIR OR MORE VIBRANT RESULTS: 15’ minutes with plastic cap under a pre-heated warm dryer. Remove cap and cool for 5’ minutes. FOR RESISTANT GRAY: 20’ minutes with plastic cap under a pre-heated warm dryer. Remove cap and process for additional 20’ minutes at room temperature. FOR LIGHTER COLOR DEPOSIT OR POROUS HAIR: From 5’ to 20’ minutes at room temperature with a diluted formula. When less color deposit is desired, use in combination with T-Juice .0 Pastellizer

System 7


Multitasking Pure Pigment Liquids 100ml 3.38fl.oz

10 Nuances

MANGA MANIA is a selection of multi-functional pure pigments in a liquid base that can be used 

directly or added to all other coloring products and techniques. SUPER REVOLUTIONARY !!!

Special liquid pigments that can be used as direct, semi-permanent colors or as permanent oxidation colors. Please read the package leaflet for all hair-coloring options. METHOD OF USE: (1) Direct semi-permanent color: apply on towel-dried hair, leave on for 3’ to 30’ minutes depending on the intensity of the desired color. (2) Permanent oxidation color: mix a 1:1 ratio with the T-JUICE developer of choice and proceed until the desired luminosity, coverage and intensity is obtained. Upon reaching the result, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

System 8

Over the rainbow 

Extra Pigment Masks 200ml 6.76fl.oz.
18 Nuances

Over The Rainbow is a conditioning semi-permanent direct hair-color system. Depending On The Concentration And Technique Used These Direct Deposit Colors Can Change Or Intensify The Natural Base Color, Create Avant-Garde Hair-Colors Or Soft Pastels Results.

To lighten the color or create pastel-tones, gradually add “T-Jiuce White Mask” and to darken, deepen or create more matte color nuances gradually add “Manga Mania Grey” to the mixture until the desired darkness is achieved. HOW TO USE: For semi-permanent results: apply on clean damp hair, distribute evenly with a wide-tooth comb, and leave-on for 3’ to 5’ minutes. (The percentage of moisture in the hair influences the intensity of the end result) For Demi-Permanent pigmentation: Evenly apply on clean 90% dry hair, cover with plastic cap and place under a gentle even heat source. Processing time 10’–20’ minutes depending on desired intensity. After processing time, rinse hair thoroughly with tepid water.

System 9



T-Juice Is Our Transformer Technical Products Category. Here You Will Find The Transformers Created To
Activate, The Modifiers Created To Dilute, Lighten And Darken Or To Change The Viscosity.

System 10



Here Is Your Technical Support System Created To Assist You Before, During And After With The Realization Of the Perfect Blonding Service. 

We are here to transform the darkness into light …into color … Color yourself, your life and the world with light by expressing your true unique essence!

be …

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