EN– Revolutionary super intense, ultra-lightening, Maximum-lift oxidation hair colors, formulated to lighten 100% natural hair from 3 to 6 levels with up to 30% pigment concentration. Effective, gentle and long lasting. Can be used on chemically treated, pre-lightened hair. Enriched with Power-Plex.

EN– This Intensly pigmented high-lightening oxidation hair coloring cream was created to rapidly lighten and deposit rich pigmentation deep into the hair’s structure. Kaleidoscope can lighten natural hair up to 4 levels of lightening. MIXING RATIO: Intenstive pigmentation mix ratio 1:1, medium pigmentation mix ratio 1:1.5, softer pigmentation mix ratio 1:2, mixed with T-Juice Transformers; 3% 10VOL for lightening 1 level, 6% 20VOL for lightening 2 levels, 9% 30VOL for lightening 3 levels, 12% 40Vol. for lightening 4 levels, or mix with T-Juice 1% Modulator to create Tone-on-Tone hair color results without lightening the hair color.

EN– Koolaid is an acidic demi-permanent hair color Toner that can help enhance your hair’s natural shine while correcting and revitalizing the tone and hue of your hair color. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dark-intense results: mixing ratio 1:2 with T-Juice Modulator 1%. Medium-light results: mix 50% Koolaid Toner with 50% T-Juice Neutral Toner and mix 1:2 with T-Juice Modulator 1%. Pale-pastel results: mix 20% Koolaid Toner with 80% T-Juice Neutral Toner and mix 1:2 with T-Juice Modulator 1%. Processing time: 10’-20’ Minutes. FOR RESISTANT GRAY: 20’ minutes with plastic cap under a pre-heated warm dryer. Remove cap and process for additional 5’-10’ minutes at room temperature. FOR LIGHTER COLOR DEPOSIT ON POROUS HAIR: Premix Pale-pastel formula 5’ minutes prior to application, once applied process 5’-10’ minutes or until desired intensity.

EN– Special liquid pigments that can be used as direct, semi-permanent colors or as permanent oxidation colors. Please read the package leaflet for all hair-coloring options. METHOD OF USE: (1) Direct semi-permanent color: apply on towel-dried hair, leave on for
3 ‘to 30’ minutes depending on the intensity of the desired color. (2) Permanent oxidation color: mix a 1: 1 ratio with the chosen T-Juice Transformer and proceed until the desired tone, coverage and intensity is obtained. Upon reaching the result, rinse thoroughly with warm water.


EN– Over The Rainbow is a conditioning semi-permanent direct hair-color system. Depending on the concentration and technique used these direct deposit colors can change or intensify the natural base color, create avant-garde hair-colors or soft pastels results. To lighten the color or create pastel-tones, gradually add “T-Jiuce White Pastelizing Mask” and to darken, deepen or create more matte color nuances gradually add “Manga Mania Night Shade” to the mixture until the desired darkness is achieved. HOW TO USE: For semi-permanent results: apply on clean damp hair, distribute evenly with a wide-tooth comb, and leave-on for 3’ to 5’ minutes. (The percentage of moisture in the hair influences the intensity of the end result) For Demi-Permanent pigmentation: Evenly apply on clean 90% dry hair, cover with plastic cap and place under a gentle even heat source. Processing time 10’–20’ minutes depending on desired intensity. After processing time, rinse hair thoroughly with tepid water.


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