EN– Psychedelic are additive for decolorations  / colors  to increase the cold tones or modify the hair color while lightening. They can be mixed with hair-lightening bleach powders, hair-bleaching creams or oxidation colors tints/dyes when you wish to influence the color-hue of the hair lightening-blonding results.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: mix the following three components:

1. Oxidation hair-lightener / bleach or hair color tint / dye +

2. Oxidant/developer following the mixing ratio instructions of the product to which it is to be mixed. +

3. Blonding pigment intensifier in variable doses according to the shade level of the base color and desired lift (see illustrative tables)

Indicative processing times from 20 to 60 minutes or according to the processing times relative to product of origin; being hair lightener or oxidation tint / dye. (see illustrative tables). Increase the amount of intensifier if you want the additive shade to be dominant.

The doses are indicative and can vary according to the hair density – structure and melanin content We recommend a progressive visual check.

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